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Dropbox Integrates with Microsoft Office Online Observers say Dropbox could benefit from the partnership by positioning itself as a service that works entirely via the Web, instead of requiring the use of desktop software · Relevant Products/Services applications. Last week Dropbox announced … Read more on CIO Today Software 'robots' are already making business processes smarter, […]

Treehouse Interactive: Creating A New Enterprise Software Giant In Utah

Treehouse Interactive: Creating A New Enterprise Software Giant In Utah Utah has both a long history and a recent successful track record of creating growing, enterprise software companies, including many in the software-as-a-service and cloud market. This week, Treehouse Interactive, based in Draper, received $ 17M in a … Read more on Red Hat formulates […]

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Extending solutions with cloud applications: What every enterprise should know Gone are the paper- or excel-based timesheets and the constant rekeying as cloud-based expense software means this can all be done online at the point of entry and tools such as in-app messaging is making it easier to resolve any issues with the … Read […]

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Building a billion-dollar business from scratch Congruent Solutions is a 30-year-old company which has reinvented itself many times over. Says Balaraman Jayaraman, co-founder & president, “About four years ago, we decided to deviate from our focus on services to put money in developing an enterprise … Read more on Financial Express ClearOne Is Relatively Unknown […]